Saturday, January 2, 2010

winter break

hello. I'm on break. eees nice. here are some excerpts from my recent rolls. unfortunately the scanner situation at our house was kind of bleak so there are a few glitches in the frames.

Ma cleanses in the apocalypse
sheets so glam.

They wait for glory!!!
my beautiful new shoes
These next few are from christmas eve. The meal was amazing. Six and a half fishes and ridiculous cakes. However I've decided that the images of this night are too personal for the internet. Here are a few glimpses though.

Sheets and Veg

Sheets Shoots Table
Ma and Dunce Have an Opinion
Every time I go to Los angeles I set aside a day to perform a little ritual.
1. kidnap my dog Sunny

2. get most amazing fish and chips in the world from Malibu Seafood.

3. smoke da ganja

4. chill on beach with pup... in all my bliss I saw a horse:
Nema shoots dunce.

Hiking with sheets and ma

Fritz and Friend in their office. Awesome dudes who have made an office out of their van with a lovely red leather couch and mobile wifi. they watch the sun rise, feed the pigeons and do their business. this at surfrider's, one of Malibu's most historical logriding havens

some pals

also these are some shots around the airport. so you know how you go to pick someone up at the airport are you've got to drive around in circles many times. what about a photo project that goes around the airport circles, taking pictures of people waiting to get picked up. then you could do a different installation for each airport. and have the images displayed in a large circle around the room. you could even show it at the airports. hmm. here are a few:

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