Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mirror Cam

With this I will rule the world!!! Muhuhahaha! Just keeeding. this is a camera that I built, and am still grappling with its connotations and purposes, but it's lots of fun. For lack of a better name I call it the Mirror Camera. as you can see a Mirror is placed in front of the camera's lens so that the subject can view themselves while the picture is taken. This has a few different effects.
1) The subject is able to contort their face into the perfect shape that they desire for a portrait.
2) (and more importantly) the camera is able to glimpse that most private moment when one looks into his/her own eyes in the mirror.
I origionaly built it for my trip to the Coachella Music festival in Indio California.

My first attempt was rather clunky:

this devise was intended for an SLR camera. it worked well and I think it will come in handy for the future, but was rather cumbersome to be carried around a 75,000 person party filled with crazy drunkards.

so I switched quick to a slightly fresher approach. I call it the ipad mirror cam.

here is a short segment of the images that I aquired over the weekend:

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Kim's Grocery Sore

I forget who told me about this place, but it's amazing!!! I think she should move to Oberlin!

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spring break

Spring Break oh yes the bliss. here's a snippit. more to come: Gracie and I printed lots of sweet pictures.

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